Friday, November 12, 2010

Trade offs .....

Trying to decide between the electron world and the physical world . . . And yes, yes I know energy and matter are not really two separate worlds. While, Einstein's equal sign connects and unifies the universe through demonstrating the interchangable simlutaneous nature of matter and energy . . . the uncertaintly principle points out that we can not experience them simultaneously.

So I still need help navigating the daily tradeoffs - update blog, install 4.2 on iPad, upload slideshare presentation, go for a run, paint some cabinets, complete a lease document for work, or cook pumpkin pie for tomorrow's feast . . .

Killer apps? Time Travel and Wireless Electrons

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Association of Philanthropic Counsel - Fall Forum, SF

Just finished 2.5 days with the folks from APC (fundraising consultant association). Wonderful group of people - smart, thoughtful, vastly experienced, fun, well spoken . . . I was asked to facilitate the final "So How do We Put All of this Great Information Into Practice in our own Companies?" session (I'll post my ppt here when I get out of my iPad and back to the computer). A bit daunting at first, given both the caliber of speakers -David La Piana, and Paul Connolly, TCC Group, but a welcome challenge none the less.

I had a blast! Great content and exchanges with the other presenters and participants . . . One of the key reasons I accepted the job was the presenter line up and the folks involved. I generally only do engagements that have at least a double, if not triple bottom line: $ + Aha! + life fit and this was a great example. So thanks APC folks!

A few personal take aways, things I might follow up on, or perhaps topics for future blog posts:

* Nice small group for meaningful conversation

* Example of an association using a back office management company

* The Art of the Focused Conversation - this will definitely show up in another blog post! As well as get integrated into the rest of my work.

* Appreciated - intension and implementation to blend theory, ideas, practical realities/challenges, conversation, and tangible next step applications - they walked out with resources, tools, vendor referrals, book recommendations, peer advice, and their own Next Step Game Plan.

* Repurposing/Repackaging my slides and process for other forums/workshops